Win the amazing Canon EOS 800D

How would you like to win a Canon EOS 800-D? Seems to be so easy to win with the Canon contest where you can win a DSLR Camera ($900 value). Well, for a chance to grab the prize, you have to follow some simple steps while sticking to the laid out rules!

How to enter the contest

To enter the contest, the first step involves answering to a very short survey (4 simple questions). Step two is to put the shipping information (the camera will be shipped by mail).

On the next step for security reasons you may need to verify your age (only 18+ users can take part to the competition) with a valid credit card. No need to worry, it’s only for verification purpose and no charge will be applied (we tried ourselves of course). Also your personal information are valuable and will be treated as confidential.

The rules

The rules are simple; no cheating! Winning a Canon Eos 800-D ($900 value) might tempt you to cut some corners. While filling your personal information, you might want to be creative and create multiple accounts and pseudo-identities. Doing so will automatically exclude you from the contest. Keep it factual and straightforward, and you are on your way to possibly being one of the winners.

Is it real?

Seems too simple to be true? For more information as well as the regulations, feel free to consult the contest’s online portal. The contest is easily accessible online with all the information you need to verify that it is real and within legal bounds.