Contest of the week: Get a LIDL Shopping Card

Searching the web among thousands of prize contests, we’ve found one which seems very interesting and reliable. We’re talking about a contest that allows you to win a LIDL shopping card worth £850, that, nowadays, is certainly a useful gift that can be spent in all LIDL stores on thousands of different products, from food to home or bricolage accessories. We guarantee that this is a real and valid competition so we will now explain to you how to join the contest and try to be one of the lucky winners.

How to enter the competition

If you want to be in the participants’ list, the first step is to answer a short survey with 4 simple questions. The step after requires to fill in a form with your personal data, which will be used to send the prize in case you win. Finally, to complete the contest registration, it is mandatory to enter the credit card details. This step is essential and absolutely risk-free (we personally tried it) and we can confirm that no credit card fees will be charged. Why do I need to enter my credit card information? Lawful question, but there is a specific reason. Because of the prize value, the card information is required for security reasons (to participate you must over 18 years old) and to prevent multiple registrations, guaranteeing the best transparency of the competition.


In order to participate, you must be over 18 years old, answer the survey questions and enter real and verified data. No false or double entries are allowed, you only get one chance to win (checks will be done on the credit card). Any attempt to create multiple accounts will result in the exclusion from the competition.

Are you Lucky?

Since the participation is free, why don’t you try? The competition is real and trusted, just a few clicks and a bit of luck are needed to get the LIDL voucher. For more information, visit the contest website.