Contest Of The Week: Get Your Free £850 Amazon Gift Card

Who wouldn’t want to win a £850 Amazon gift card? You could buy all the items in your wish list! But since there are so many competitions and we don’t know which ones to trust, we have scanned the whole web looking for something reliable to share with you.

Well, in this case having the chance of winning the prize is easy, just follow a few simple steps and respect the rules! We tried it too.

How to enter the competition

To enter the competition you must answer a short survey (4 simple questions), then enter your data for the shipment (the voucher will be delivered by post) and finally, in the last step, it may be necessary to enter the data of a valid credit card in order to verify your age. Given the entity of the prize, multiple registrations are not allowed. There is no need to worry, it is only for verification purposes and no cost will be charged (we tried it ourselves, of course). Your personal information is also valuable and will be treated as confidential.

The rules

The competition is only for adults. The rules are simple, just follow the steps described above. We are aware that an award like this could lead people to create more accounts or try to get around the system somehow and create pseudo-identities, but be advised that this type of behavior would automatically exclude you from the competition and you would lose the chance to win.

Does it seem too simple to be true? For more information, please read the entire regulation and do not hesitate to consult the online portal. After verifying the authenticity of the competition you will be looking forward to sharing all this information with your friends.