Win an iPad Pro 10,5 “WiFi + 3G da 64 GB

In the quest for the best prize competition to win Apple products, here’s what we found.

The value of this award exceeds $1000, the iPad has more storage space and more RAM. Starting from today, thanks to sweepstakes, you could have the chance to win these fabulous items instead of saving with great sacrifice to buy them.

To get a chance to win a fantastic iPad Pro 10.5 “WiFi + 3G 64 GB you just need to enter the competition and, with a bit of luck, the prize will be yours!

How to enter the competition

Taking part is very simple, it might seem too easy, but it’s all true!

The first step is to answer a very short survey (4 simple questions). The second step is to enter the shipping information (the product will be sent by post). In the following step, for security reasons, it may be necessary to check your age in order to avoid multiple registrations, using a valid credit card. No need to worry, no cost will be applied (we checked ourselves).


The competition is only for adults and the data provided must be real, do not cheat! Providing bogus information would automatically exclude you from the competition. If you are still not convinced, do not hesitate to consult the online portal of the competition for more information.

Good luck!